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PE 0.2 Foil

Thickness: 0.2 mm
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PE 0.2 Foil
One pack contains: 15 m2

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PE Foil

PE sheet must be used as a moisture barrier, especially when laying flooring on new subfloors where residual damp will be present and where there are large temperature differences with the rooms below. It prevents moisture damage to the upper and lower sections of the floor.


Moisture Protection

In the case of subfloors containing mineral compounds, flooring manufacturers stipulate the installation of a vapour barrier (PE foil). When using our products with their integrated vapour barrier (PUR 2.0; XPS 2.2 ALU; PE 2.0 ALU), there is no need for an additional PE foil.


0.2 mm
2000 mm
7500 mm
Pack Pieces
Quantity per Pack
15 m²

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