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10 Easy Steps for Clean and Durable Laminate Floors

Are you on a quest to keep your laminate floors looking as good as new while ensuring they last for years to come? You’re in luck! Maintaining the beauty and integrity of your flooring doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right care and a few simple strategies, you can protect your investment and enjoy the timeless appeal of your floors with minimal effort. Whether you're dealing with the daily wear and tear of a bustling household or simply aiming for that spotless look, our guide is here to lead the way. Let’s dive in and discover how easy it is to keep your laminate flooring in pristine condition, step by step.

room with laminate flooring

Protect your floor from scratches and fingerprints. Movable furniture must be equipped with soft sliders to not damage the top layer of the flooring.

Laminate flooring is celebrated for its hassle-free upkeep and resistance to wear and tear. The key to its longevity lies in regular and proper maintenance. Thanks to its durable surface, laminate flooring doesn’t necessitate special cleaning solutions. A protective top layer of melamine efficiently blocks dust and stain penetration, making your cleaning routine a breeze. It's recommended to engage in weekly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and special detergent designed for laminate flooring to ensure your floor remains pristine and to address stubborn stains gently but effectively.

Here are KronoSHOP's 10 Easy Care Tips for Your Laminate Flooring:

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1. The best way of standard cleaning is to use a vacuum cleaner, a slightly damp cloth, or a mop. It is not recommended to use wet towels or spill water on the floor. This can lead to surface damage, swelling, bending or warping of the boards when water penetrates the joints;

2. Avoid applying wax or acrylics on the laminate flooring;

cleaning instruments unnecessary cleaning products

3. When cleaning the laminate flooring, do not use wire brushes, abrasive cleaners or detergents with a high content of chlorine or ammonia;

4. When choosing a detergent for laminate flooring, consult the manufacturer's recommendations and choose a detergent for the specific type of flooring you have. Do not clean the laminate with ordinary soap, to avoid damaging its top layer. It is not good to use detergents provided for other types of flooring (vinyl, tile, terracotta). Doing so may damage the coating, make it look matte or make the floor slippery;

5. When choosing a stain remover, you must also follow the manufacturer's advice. To remove stubborn stains such as paint, chemical, marker, pastel, lipstick or nail polish, for example, use a clean cloth soaked in a minimal amount of organic solvents such as acetone or coresilin. Finally, remove the residue with a slightly damp cloth;

6. For wax or gum residue, the contaminated area should first be hardened (you can apply a piece of ice for this purpose), and then carefully scrape off the stain. To protect the surface of the laminate from scratches, do not use metal tools. Finally, wipe with a clean, slightly damp cloth;

7. Pets can also damage the surface of your flooring, so make sure their nails are always maintained and trimmed;

8. Use protective pads or felts to soften the legs of the furniture. If you have office chairs with plastic wheels, they should be replaced with silicone ones or use a special pad under the chair;

9. Place mats in front of exterior doors to reduce the risk of solid particles, grit, pebbles, etc. that can scratch and damage the laminate surface;

10. Do not place flower pots directly on the floor, even if there are waterproof pads under them. To prevent condensation and damage, you can use stands or shelves for plants, thus the air will be able to circulate.Avoid Direct Contact with Flower Pots: Flower pots can trap moisture underneath, leading to water damage on laminate floors. Instead of placing them directly on the flooring, use stands or shelves that allow air circulation. This simple measure prevents condensation and protects your laminate from potential water damage.

dog, laying on the floor chair with wheels on the floor
room with vinyl flooring room with vinyl flooring

Embracing the journey to a clean and durable laminate floor doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. By integrating these ten straightforward steps into your regular maintenance routine, you ensure that your floors remain in impeccable condition, reflecting the beauty and resilience they were designed to offer. This approach not only extends the lifespan of your flooring but also maintains its aesthetic appeal, making it a testament to your home's warmth and welcoming nature. Remember, the key to longevity lies in consistent care and adopting the right techniques for upkeep. With these easy-to-follow recommendations, your laminate floors will continue to serve as a durable, stylish foundation for all the moments that unfold in your living space.

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