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 1. I am unsure what products I need?

We are happy to help you select and ensure products which are suitable for your requirements along with any recommended accessories. We try to offer as many details as possible on our product pages so please read through all the product information and description carefully.


2. Are samples available?

Yes, samples can be ordered on any of our product pages, simply click the ‘order a sample’ button on the product and we will send you a small sample of the product so you can view the product before you buy from us.


3. I am having difficulty placing my order, can you help me?

If you are having difficulties placing your order or any other aspect of our website, please feel free to contact us via email or on our phone number 080019889 between 09:30 am – 16:30 pm Monday – Friday where our experienced team will be happy to assist you.


4. Do delivery charges vary depending on where I live?

Delivery charges are for Bulgaria only. These rates are direct from our couriers and may vary between postcodes and/ or the service required. Your confirmed delivery costs should be calculated and displayed at the point of placing your order.


5. How long after placing my order can I expect delivery?

Once you have placed your order and based on the payment method that you selected, you can expect delivery of your order between 3 and 7 working days. Please also see our delivery information page for delivery timescales and important information you should know prior to receiving your order. Please be advised that whilst we do our best to ensure your order arrives with you on time, we do not guarantee deliveriesaswe do use third party couriers.


6. What if I need to cancel my order?

You may cancel your order up to 23:59 EET on the day of creation. Deliveries refused at the point of delivery for any other reasons other than damage will result in you being liable for the full cost of the delivery, return and subsequent re-delivery charges.


7. I have received voucher code. How does it work?

 With the voucher code you can get a discount the next time you buy something in the official Krono SHOP webstore.

How does it work?

1. Go to the Krono SHOP webstore;

2. Select the products you wish to order and add them to your shopping cart by clicking 'Add to Basket';

3. Select 'My shopping cart' to see your order summary;

4. Enter your voucher code in the 'Voucher code' field. You can use a maximum of voucher code per order;

5. Your discount will automatically be calculated and shown in your order summary;

6. Click 'next' to continue to the checkout area.


8. Is the laminate flooring scratch resistant?

Krono SHOP offers laminate flooring with different utility classes (from class 32 to class 36) for home and public premises. It should consider that laminate flooring is not scratch-resistant: sharp objects can injure the floor. High hееls and the rubber wheels of office chairs are not a problem, however, it is advisable to cover the legs of furniture and chairs with plastic or felt pads.


9. How long do I have to wait before placing the laminate, vinyl or veneered parquet on fresh screed?

The flooring cannot be installed on fresh screed. It takes time for it to dry completely depending on its thickness. As a rule, we recommend the following drying period: 1 week for each centimeter of screed not thicker than 6 cm and another 2 weeks for each centimeter of screed thicker than 6 cm.
For example: 4 cm of screed takes 4 weeks to dry. For 8 cm screed it takes 10 weeks (6 + 2x2 = 10).


10. How to clean laminate, vinyl and veneer parquet?

Parquet is extremely easy to clean. All you need is a mop and a suitable detergent for laminate flooring.
We recommend that you use the maintenance products of the manufacturers of laminate flooring, because they are designed to preserve its properties for as long as possible.


11. Why is it necessary for the flooring to stay in the room for 48 hours before installation?

The flooring must acclimatize to the conditions of the room in which it will be installed. After 48 hours the product has stabilized and so the chance for further changes in the size of the pavement is reduced.


12. How many square meters of laminate flooring do we need?

Before you buy flooring, we recommends that you make a few calculations to determine approximately how much material you will need. Measure the length and width of the room and multiply the two values ​​obtained. The final amount obtained is the area of ​​the room. Save these calculations.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to bet 10% waste * - depending on the room! The waste depends on the size of the boards and the shape of the room.

* Waste - additional amount that will be lost due to installation.


13. Can my credit card be rejected?

The details we request from you must be the same as those on your credit card. A simple typing error can cause the operation to be rejected, so we ask you to complete the payment form carefully. Your credit limit may have been exceeded or the card might have expired.

Please contact your bank about any queries you may have about your payment credit card.


14. Can I receive an invoice with my company name?

Yes. When you register, you can choose whether you are a Private customer or a Company. If you choose "Company", you will be asked to provide your tax details and VAT. 

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