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Veneer Flooring / Parquet

Are you hesitant about what type of flooring to choose? Whether to stick to the traditional natural parquet - a long-term investment with its indisputable qualities, that also requires special care and expensive time-consuming maintenance. Or do you prefer the more economical laminate flooring, which guarantees high quality, combined with a wide selection of decors and colors in different styles, as well as extremely easy maintenance and fast installation.

The answer to this dilemma is right in the middle. The veneer parquet is a luxurious three layered flooring with a compelling and authentic look of natural wood. It combines the best of both worlds of real wood and laminate flooring, while being extremely well positioned in terms of price.

Kaindl Veneer Parquet exudes just as much warmth and coziness as a solid wood floor. Its multi-layer structure has the qualities of the laminate flooring - easy installation with a reliable joint system and a scratch and UV resistance. Available in a wide range of decors, that enable creative ideas and meet all interior design requirements.

What exactly is veneer parquet?

Basically the veneer parquet is a type of three-layer flooring, consisting of the following structures:

  1. Wood veneer: a layer of natural wood with a thickness of 0.6 mm. This layer carries the radiance of the natural material. The visual effect is enhanced by a digital print, which brings expressiveness and richness to the wood grain and thus the color hues become even more refined. The surface layer has a UV protection, which ensures long-term color preservation.

  2. Core: underneath the decorative layer is the HDF core of the laminate flooring. HDF is a high-density wood fiber board that provides stability and durability to the flooring plank.

  3. Stabilizing layer: located at the back of the HDF core. This is a layer of 0.6 mm wood veneer, which improves the structural stability of the plank.

The veneer parquet carries the beauty and authenticity of the natural material, highlighting every pore, knot or streak of the wood. Each and every plank has its own unique look and when all are put together they make the floor come to life, bringing warmth and coziness. The design replicates a real wooden floor with a captivating surface texture that make special every interior. This flooring is an incredible visual and tactile experience for the senses created by the harmonious look of natural wood and the soft to the touch surface. Veneer parquet is an excellent choice for your home. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also embodies technological advantages that far surpass its visual elegance.

One of the most important things for families with children or pets is that the surface is easy to maintain. The flooring is extremely easy to clean using a damp mop and soap based detergent. The veneer parquet has a utility class 31 which guarantees quality and durability in every home. To restore the original flawless appearance of the parquet, the layer of real veneer allows to be sanded twice in its life cycle.


Another precious advantage of the veneer flooring is the installation. It is no different from the laminate flooring as the edges of the plank end with a special profile creating a joint. They are laid on the principle of the floating floor, ie. without gluing or other mechanical fixing of the planks to the floor. In the Kaindl Veneer Parquet collection you will find decors in a special Premium size plank with a Fold Down joint system. Wide plank decors have an Angle / Angle joint system, which provides stability when joining wider planks.

For those of you who are committed to reducing the human impact on the environment we can assure you that our veneer parquet is certified for environmental compliance. The high-quality wood used for the surface layer of Kaindl Veneer Parquet is sourced only from renewable forests, and the amount used is extremely small, as the thickness of the top layer is only 0,6 mm.

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