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3D Wall Panels

We are all used to viewing the walls simply as partitions enclosing the different interior spaces. The design of the surface typically involves specific colour choices or the possibility of covering the walls in a layer of material. All these are in tune with the flat two dimensionalities of the surface. But what if the wall can become a bit more intriguing and have its own volumetric feeling. What if we begin to think about the wall in more detail and be able to make it an expression of our individual style?

K060 Alabaster Barnwood

Now you can transform your walls with the Krono Original Kronowall 3D Wall Panells. Laminate wall panelling is an innovative and exciting new product which can completely reinvent the look of your room. The Kronowall 3D Gold Collection rethinks the vertical surface of the wall bringing three dimensionality. The ability to create a true 3D effect is achieved by the innovative mounting claws. They allow the planks to be attached in three different plains. The planks have size 12mm x 132mm x 1296mm and once attached horizontally to the wall create an outstanding design. It can feature a laying pattern, which will make the wall a centrepiece in the interior. You can still celebrate the elaborate dеcor pattern by placing the panels flat or take full advantage of the design by selecting between a siding or cladding pattern or any three-dimensional laying scheme. These patterns can be adapted to various interior design styles: from rustic or traditional to minimalistic and industrial. This design choice will make the walls stand out with their look. The planks placed in three plains cast shadows in an impressive interplay of light that provides additional depth. Each plank has a 4-sided bevel, which makes them more visually legible creating a rich visual expression with a modular organization. The Kronowall 3D Gold Collection includes eight stunning decors in trendy colour tones and the patterns of elaborate wood with multitone design or more simplistic concrete grеy and black slate. Available with matching decor accessories to ensure your new Kronowall is the finished article once installed.

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Kronowall 3D is the perfect solution for a quick renovation when you do not want to go through the exhausting process of plastering the walls until they are pristine to the tiniest detail. All the imperfections will be left behind the wall cover as the planks are installed on a wood frame with a 40x40cm grid that is attached to the wall. The air between the wall and the panels is important for ventilation and keeping a healthy interior environment.

K061 Rusty Barnwood

Looks are not the only feature of our 3D Wall Panels. The Krono Wall 3D are made in Germany and have the highest quality guaranteed by Krono Original. The planks have an MDF core covered by the décor paper. Each décor has a unique texture that emphasizes the intriguing details of the décor patterns. The wall panels are lightfast and even heat resistant. This allows the planks to be installed along with specific spot lighting and ensures the surface will remain flawless with time. This gives you peace of mind for fixing on most walls in your home. Another advantage is the low maintenance required with the easy to clean surface of the wall. This is a cost-effective way to great design with no compromise in terms of quality and durability.

Take a look at our range of 3D wall panels and you will find the best solution for your interior.

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