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Insulation Underlay PUR 2.0

Thickness: 2 mm
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Insulation Underlay PUR 2.0
Insulation Underlay PUR 2.0
Insulation Underlay PUR 2.0
One pack contains: 7.5 m2

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Polyurethan and mineral fillers

This professional acoustic mat consists of mineral fillers and polyurethane binders. It convinces with its walking sound reduction, low thermal resistance and integrated moisture protection.



Adequate pressure stability of the underlay is very important, particularly when laying click laminate floors. Minimum EPLF requirement: CS ≥ 10 kPa

Impact Sound Reduction

Impact sound describes the noises that are heard in rooms below or adjacent. Depending on the material compound used in the underlay, impact sound can be reduced by up to 22 dB. Minimum EPLF requirement: IS ≥ 14 dB

Moisture Protection

For mineral substrates floor manufacturers prescribe the installation of a vapor barrier (PE foil). Some our products have an integrated vapour barrier, so you can do without such foil. EPLF requirement: SD ≥ 75 m

Suitable for uneven floors

The floors are often uneven, especially in old buildings. These irregularities can be levelled out with the right add2 parquet underlay. EPLF requirement: PC ≥ 0.5 mm

Underfloor heating

If the floor is to be laid on top of an underfloor heating system, the underlay must have the correct level of heat permeability. Heat transfer resistance should not exceed a value of 0.15 m² K/W in the entire structure (i.e. underlay and top layer). High thermal conductivity ensures that your rooms are heated efficiently. Maximum permitted EPLF value of the of the total floor: R ≤ 0.15 m2 K/W

Walking Sound Reduction

Walking sound refers to the noises which are audible within the room. The unpleasant click-clack effect can be greatly reduced by selecting the correct underlay.


2 mm
1000 mm
7500 mm
Pack Pieces
Quantity per Pack
7.5 m²

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