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Laminate Flooring

K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)

Texture: HO Thickness: 10 mm
2.50 BGN
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K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)
K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)
K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)
K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)
K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)
K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)
K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)

Product information - K287 Steelworks Oak X-Way (sample)

Order a sample of K287 Steelworks Oak decor and compare it with your furniture and interior to be confident in your choice of flooring.

The laminate parquet from Krono Original® X-Way collection features a wood design in grey nuances. The 1-strip lamella is 10 mm thick with a 4-sided V-groove. Its dimensions are 157/628 mm. The 360° locking system Quattro Clic allows various installation patterns. 


Anti Bacterial Coating

You naturally want to keep your floor as clean and germ-free as possible. We cannot see microorganisms, but we all know the problems they can cause if left unchecked. Allergies can be aggravated and illness can result. A.B.C. does not allow a bacteria growth, it works alongside a hygienic cleaning regime, to create peace of mind and a healthy environment.

Authentic Embossed

The high quality Authentic Embossed structures feature elegant contrasting and a thrilling multi-glass effect that emphasizes the depth of the texture with matt and gloss elements that reflect the light differently. The synchronous pores follow the grain of the decor, meaning they flawlessly mimic the character of natural materials like wood and stone.

Eco Friendly

The floors are environmentally friendly as standard made of 90% wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. What’s more, the entire production chain – from raw materials to the finished product – has been certified and is regularly inspected by independent experts, ensuring peace of mind for you – and protection of our environment.


The soft matt surface, highlighted with glossy accents, replicates gently the irregular wood whorl. Its uniqueness is hidden in the worn, more weathered effect of the plank.  The deep richness of the grain adds a warm feeling of the aesthetically pleasing floor.

Stain Resistant

Even stubborn liquids such as oil, wine or coffee can be easily wiped away and will not be absorbed by the durable flooring surface. 

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

The flooring is compatible with for “low-temperature” underfloor heating and cooling systems. The maximum temperature of the floor should not exceed 27°C, both for classic hot water or electric heating systems. Both types of underfloor heating are installed into the subfloor and it is necessary to pay close attention to the installation instructions.


Laminate Flooring
Krono Original®
Krono Original® X-Way
10 mm
Decor Nr.
Decor Name
Steelworks Oak
Utility Class
AC Rating
30 years
Plank Width
Decor Pattern
Edge Type
4-sided V-groove
200 mm
157 mm
Joint System
Quattro Clic

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